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Treatment for Withdrawal Symptoms in Miami Beach FL starts with Medial Detox

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Of the estimated 24 million American adults in need of treatment for a substance abuse disorder, only a small fraction get the care they need. Medical detox is an excellent starting point to the recovery process. Treatment for withdrawal symptoms at Miami Beach treatment centers is married to addiction treatment therapies because it can significantly increase your chance for long-term success. Learn more about the dangers of withdrawal and how treatment for withdrawal symptoms is available at Miami Beach Drug Rehabs.

Addiction can keep someone in its grip for many years. The disease of addiction can manifest in a drug user in a variety of different ways. They may have used drugs and alcohol as a coping method for challenges that come along with growing up. Sometimes there is a traumatic experience in someone’s life that whirls them into a mission of self-destruction until they realize they cannot stop drinking or using. According to recent studies, certain people are genetically predisposed to the disease of addiction if it runs in the family.

No matter what lead a person to begin a cycle of drug and alcohol abuse, they have most likely considered, or even attempted to stop at some point in their life. Treatment for withdrawal symptoms Miami Beach helps ensure patients attempting to quit drugs or alcohol, don’t relapse. 

Does Everyone Experience Withdrawal Symptoms?

When someone has been abusing drugs or alcohol for long periods of time, their body builds up dependence for the substance. When the body and brain adapts to having these substances in the system, it will experience symptoms of withdrawal upon cessation.

Withdrawal occurs when the substance is absent from the system for an extended period and can be extremely uncomfortable for the person. Sometimes addicts do not understand what is happening to them, but they know when they use again they feel well.

Treatment for Withdrawal Symptoms in Miami Beach:

Many people attempt to quit abusing a particular substance, yet find themselves relapsing due to strong cravings or physical withdrawal symptoms. By prescribing medicines that help a person feel better, he or she may be better equipped to resist the urges to relapse and continue successful treatment.

Examples of addictions that have available medication treatments include:

  • Alcohol withdrawals, which can be treated with Neurontin, an anti-seizure medication, and Antabuse, a medication that causes a person to feel ill if he or she drinks alcohol.
  • Opiate addictions, which include to heroin or painkilling medications, such as hydrocodone, oxycodone and hydromorphone (Dilaudid). Doctors can prescribe medications to reduce cravings associated with drug abuse, such as methadone, Naltrexone or Suboxone.

Everyone’s body is different and because of this, each person may experience different symptoms of withdrawal. Common symptoms of withdrawal can include aches and pains, nausea and body tremors. Depending on the substance, the person can experience flu-like symptoms as well that include fever and sweating. There are even instances with withdrawal of alcohol where the person can experience seizures. Dealing with withdrawal without the help of medical professionals is potentially fatal.

Treatment for Withdrawal Symptoms Miami Beach, FL

The idea of detox can sometimes intimidate addicts who wish to recover and cause them to continue using. Here at Miami Beach Drug Treatment Centers we offer a medical detox that is monitored to ensure that our clients are safe and comfortable throughout the process. Once we are able to detoxify the body, we can begin substance abuse rehabilitation.

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