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Start a Clean and Sober Life at Miami Beach Alcohol Rehabilitation

Overcoming addiction can be a long and difficult process, but Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab can help. Participating in a holistic alcohol addiction treatment program that guides patients through the stages of recovery with multiple levels of care is proven an effective method of achieving long lasting sobriety. Holistic substance abuse treatment programs are designed to help people detox physically and learn to manage their stress and emotions without turning to drugs or alcohol. If you want to overcome your alcohol addiction or are looking to find help for a loved one, a caring counselor with Miami Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehab can provide you with immediate assistance, just call (786) 350-2140 now! 

Since it is legal and socially acceptable to drink alcoholic beverages, it is easy for many people to overlook the fact they have become addicted to alcohol. Often the friends, family, and co-workers of an alcoholic are the first to notice that the person has surrendered his or her life to the bottle. While drinking a glass of wine, beer, or cocktail is thought as a normal way to relax, alcoholism carries such a stigma that people deny they are dependent on alcohol to get through their day.

Some of the signs you or a loved one might need to call Alcohol Rehabilitation Miami Beach, FL at (786) 350-2140. include:

  • Habitually drinking more than five drinks in two hours
  • Inability to have just one or two drinks and stopping
  • Frequent arguments with family and friends about alcohol use
  • Experiencing blackouts
  • Work and school problems related to alcohol use
  • Hiding alcohol in the car or in a desk so it is accessible during the day
  • Financial difficulties due to spending money on alcohol
  • Legal problems, such as DUI, related to alcohol

Alcoholics Have Options For Recovery at Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab 

Many people think all it takes to beat alcoholism is to stop drinking and go to 30 days of Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The problem with this approach is that the withdrawal symptoms once a person stops drinking can be deadly. Additionally, the 12–step approach to alcohol rehab does not work for everyone. Every alcoholic needs to find his or her own path to recovery in order to enjoy a sustainable and long lasting life free from alcohol. At Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab, we treat every patient as an individual and recognize that people do not follow the same path to sobriety.

Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab Offers The Following Alcoholism Treatment Services:

  • Medically supervised alcohol detoxification treatment programs
  • Alternative and complimentary alcohol rehabilitation programs
  • Individual and group cognitive behavioral psychotherapy
  • Strategic family counseling
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Hypnosis
  • Short-term and long-term residential alcohol treatment
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Relapse prevention skills training
  • Faith-based alcohol addiction treatment programs

One of the reasons that patients who go to Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab is that our patients choose their own route to recovery. All our programs are evidence-based treatments supported by exhaustive clinical research proving their effectiveness. To learn more about our different scientifically supported alcohol recovery programs, contact Alcohol Rehab Miami Beach, FL at (786) 350-2140.

Families Can Recover Too..

Alcoholism does not only affect the person with the addiction: it also has devastating effects on families. Some family members actually become addicted to the drama they experience when they live with an alcoholic. Others withdraw socially and view themselves as victims of not only the alcoholic, but also they view that society is persecuting them.  Clearly, this level of dysfunction puts the recovery of the alcoholic at risk.

At Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab we recognize that families need to recover from the roller coaster of emotions they experienced while the alcoholic was actively drinking. We offer family counseling to help families overcome their anger at the alcoholic and to address their own issues that have developed because of their family members alcoholism. Additionally, we provide family education classes so the alcoholics loved ones learn how to support the alcoholic as he or she recovers.

Family members of alcoholics can start their own recovery by calling Miami Beach Alcohol Rehab at (786) 350-2140..


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