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Resistance to Treatment is Common: Addiction Miami Beach Addiction Intervention Centers, FL Offer Hope for Recovery

Drug and alcohol addiction changes the way people think, so they often deny that drugs and alcohol consume every part of their daily lives. They rationalize, justify, minimize, deny, and project blame for their addiction while they fall further into the depths of addiction. Other people with substance abuse disorders seem to ride a never-ending carousel of using, treatment, abstinence, and relapse, which leaves their love ones with little hope that the addict can ever sustain a life free from drugs and alcohol. The Miami Beach Addiction Intervention Program offers hope for addiction recovery for even the most treatment resistant addicts.

The reason that the Miami Beach Addiction Intervention Center is different from other substance abuse treatment programs is that we offer holistic addiction recovery treatment that addresses all aspects of a person’s addiction. We help addicts confront the reality of their addiction and the way substance abuse has affected their lives and their loved ones lives. We empower our patients to take responsibility for their addiction and teach them effective relapse prevention strategies. We teach addicts how to make a lifestyle of recovery so sobriety permeates every aspect of their lives.

While surprise intervention methods can be effective, many addiction professionals today prefer to use an invitational method of intervention, such as ARISE. Invitational interventions were created out of a need to foster an addict’s sense of respect and trust in their support group, thereby increasing motivation to change.  The goal of our intervention programs is to set up a treatment program based on the individuals drug or alcohol addiction and then propose the treatment to the individual. Helping the addict to come to the realization that their drug or alcohol use is harmful and opening their eyes to the damage that has occurred can bring about the decision to get help. More importantly, our intervention technique ensures your loved one knows they

The only way we can help you or your loved one is for you to call the Miami Beach Addiction Intervention Center today at (786) 350-2140.

What to Expect at the Miami Beach Addiction Intervention Center

When an addict enters our Addiction Intervention Program, they meet with substance abuse treatment professionals that honestly care and want the best for their patients. Our multidisciplinary treatment team includes doctors, nurses, certified addiction counselors, psychologists, peer mentors, recreational therapists, vocational counselors, and nutritionists. This team works with the addict to find the drives his or her need to use and finds alternative means to deal with these triggers.

We provide addicts and their family’s educational programs about addiction and relapse prevention. These classes reinforce the fact that true addiction recovery involves a completely new lifestyle and view of the world. As part of our relapse prevention program, we offer support group for addicts and families so they can weather life stresses in a community that values sobriety as much as they do.

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