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Part of treating a drug or alcohol addiction is preventing it from happening in the future. This is called relapse prevention and is part of every successful treatment program. Studies show that about half of all addicts who receive treatment will relapse in the future. Of those who do relapse, about 40% do so in the first year of recovery. These statistics show why relapse prevention is important. In the field of professional drug and alcohol addiction treatment, it is common knowledge that negative emotional states like anger, resentment, frustration, etc. are associated with a high possibility of relapse. However, drug or alcohol relapse doesn’t occur without warning signs or symptoms. There are objective and visible behaviors or attitudes that precipitate relapse. If your ready for recovery, and looking to increase your confidence in your recovery, Miami Beach Addiction Relapse Prevention can help, call us today at (786)350-2140. 

How Can Miami Beach Addiction Relapse Prevention Help You?

Relapse prevention programs teach addicts about the process of relapse. A comment heard far too often from family members and even the addict is that they don’t understand how the relapse occurred. It “just happened,” but when addicts learn about relapse through a treatment program, they understand that it doesn’t just happen. It can take days, weeks or even months for the person to use an addictive substance, but relapse begins long before that.

These programs also show addicts how to stop the process at several points along the way. It teaches them to watch out for triggers, how to identify and avoid them or how to deal with situations that would have led them to use an addictive substance in the past. It equips them to enjoy long-term recovery even when faced with difficult challenges.

What Causes Relapse in Addiction Recovery?

There is no single cause of relapse however addiction is a chronic disease, any number of things could cause a sensation that triggers a craving, a memory or feelings which result in the desire to use again. Relapse prevention programs aim to prepare patients for these moments and help individuals to recognize the early stages of relapse and prevent a return to substance abuse.

Many people understand relapse to be a single momentary lapse in judgment or an instance of succumbing to weakness. However, relapse is realistically much more complicated than a single moment in time. It is actually a process that occurs in stages and can take weeks or even months to progress. Relapse often begins with a situation or problem. The person may lose his job, go through a divorce or experience a death in the family. Sometimes it is not one major event but several smaller events occurring at the same time that lead the person to feeling overwhelmed.

Incidents that can fuel a relapse:

  • Career Letdowns 

Any employed person can tell you how bogged down you can get with the daily demands of work. Professional or career setbacks can play a big factor in the life of a recovering addict. The needs and hassles of work can negatively influence the emotional and mental serenity of people in recovery. A bad day, week, month, etc. at the job can wreak havoc on a recovering addict and cause him or her to engage in drug or alcohol abuse once again. Addiction relapse prevention Miami Beach ensures patients seek out help, attends meetings, calls a sponsor and teaches methods to prevent this return to substance abuse. 

  • Problems with Their Significant Other

Problems with a spouse or a long-term partner can pile on emotional and mental wear-and-tear. Recovery from addiction is a long, taxing process and at the end of the day, a recovering addict may not have the emotional ability to deal the stress of an intimate relationship. Having a healthy set of tools to cope with the difficulties of a relationship is a must for any recovering addict, however not everyone possesses these coping mechanisms. Addiction relapse prevention Miami Beach can help you cope with negative emotions in a healthy and therapeutic manner. 

What are the Signs of Relapse in Addiction Recovery?

A person will often provide indications of relapse long before it happens. The person and surrounding family and friends usually miss these signs or ignore them, which allows the person to continue to the point of using drugs again.

  • Behaviors of Isolation

Isolation can be withdrawing from family and friends, not participating in pastimes that the recovering person previously enjoyed, or even a sad or “limp” demeanor. Shutting out the social world can bring on depression for those in recovery and that’s when the comfort of drugs or alcohol can seem attractive again.

Relapse can be Averted

All is not lost if you or a loved one in recovery exhibits or embodies these behaviors, attitudes, or symptoms. Honesty is the best route to keep a recovering addict’s sobriety intact. Reach out to a sponsor, family member or trusted friend and recommit to living drug or alcohol free. Miami Beach Drug Rehab invites you to connect with us today at (786) 350-2140 to discuss your drug or alcohol addiction issues with our team members.

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