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Miami Beach Drug Rehab was designed and created to fulfill the mission of assisting addicted individuals in stopping the compulsive pursuit of mind-altering substances.  Addiction is a chronic brain disease that impacts the reward, motivation and memory systems.

Drug abuse and alcoholism changes these systems and the dysfunction results in biological, psychological and emotional manifestations. A chemically dependent individual in need of drug rehab, pathologically pursues using a mind-altering substance. Secondary addictive behaviors can also develop including gambling, sex or food addictions due to the compelling changes in behavior.

Miami Beach Drug Rehab facilities offer residential and outpatient programs that include all levels of care beginning with medical detox, individual and group counseling with a transition into relapse prevention as well as addiction aftercare.

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, Miami Beach Drug Rehab can create a personalized treatment program that enables you to overcome this disease. Call us today and you will find the tools and support needed for a lasting recovery. (786) 350-2140

Physical and Mental Aspects of Addiction

Drug addiction is a double threat. A person laboring under a drug addiction faces both physical and mental elements to the disease, according to the Mayo Clinic. An addicted person has a physical need for the mind-altering substance because of changes that occur to the structure of the brain. In addition, an addicted individual experiences a psychological reliance the drug of choice. In the absence of the drug, a person ends up suffering from mental health issues, particularly depression.

Treatment Options

Miami Beach Drug Rehab offers different types of treatment options. The primary types of drug rehab options are in-patient and out-patient. In-patient is a more intensive course of treatment and recovery and oftentimes is necessary when an individual is laboring under an addiction to a mind altering substance.

Ask Miami Beach Drug Rehab Specialists about Addiction Intervention for your Loved One

In the United States, about 24 million people are thought to be in need of drug addiction treatment in any given year, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Of that number, only about 10 percent actually seek some type of appropriate treatment.

Addiction Intervention is a well-organized process designed to encourage a person addicted to a mind altering substance to enter into an appropriate drug rehab program. An affective addiction intervention typically includes the assistance of a trained treatment specialist. An example of an effective intervention model is ARISE. The ARISE process is gradual and designed to get an individual to make the decision to enter into rehab without feeling forced to take that course.

Other examples of intervention models include motivational interviewing by a treatment and rehab professional and direct confrontation, which involves friends, family members and other colleagues of a person suffering from an addiction.

If your loved one is in need of treatment for drug or alcohol addiction, an intervention can help get them into rehabilitation. If you are struggling with a substance abuse disorder but can’t seem to find the right program call us today. We offer a number of traditional and alternative recovery treatment programs to ensure each patient has access to necessary rehabilitation program for them. Call Miami Beach Drug Rehab (786) 350-2140 now a caring substance abuse specialist is waiting to help you!

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